About Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly Bromen and I was raised in Anderson Township since the age of three. I knew some day that whatever I did when I grew up was going to involve animals. At an early age I had raised hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits. I also had several dogs and birds of my own.

When I was 15 I enrolled in the Animal Care program at Live Oaks Vocational School which taught me how to groom several different breeds of dogs and cats. I took this course for two years and it brought me to my first job at Petland. While I was mainly a salesperson, I also got to handle and take care of all the puppies and other pets in the store. I did health examinations with the Veterinarians, administered medications and vaccinated the puppies on a weekly schedule. I also became familiar with exotic birds, which I also came to love.

I left Petland and started a new career managing Safari Pets in Montgomery and Hyde Park.

Once I had children, I decided to get a job with more consistent hours and a job closer to home. I ended up as a bank teller and moved up to account associate. This is where I received the financial background that I love and can use in my daily life.

In 2001, I purchased property and built a kennel/grooming salon in Batavia, Ohio called, "Kelly's Pet Paradise." This was a very successful business venture and I totally loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, my personal life was all wrong and I had to leave the kennel/grooming business. But leaving this business led me to "Bonnie's Pet Grooming" in Anderson Township. Yes, I came back home to where I grew up!

Bonnie retired but felt very comfortable selling her business to me! This was an amazing opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

While your pets are in my care, I will love them as if they are my own. My first concern is their safety and will do my best to do a grooming style that you are happy with!

Conveniently located in Anderson Township, Ohio

NEW - Second Location in Batavia Township, Ohio